The final bouquet of the 2023 Tel Aviv Grand Slam was sumptuous, colourful and flamboyant, a bouquet as we like them, blooming with sporting achievement, mutual respect and emotions.

The five categories of the day were each won by a different nation: Georgia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Israel. The 2023 edition of the event concluded in style with the success of Raz Hershko, who, in front of her audience, produced one of her finest performances.

We found today an intractable Gviniashvili, a Bellandi who nothing seems to be able to stop, a Kotsoiev who held his rank, even more, and an Odkhuu who went beyond himself.

If we widen the landscape a little, we realise that 23 countries leave Israel with at least one medal around their necks. France finished in first place among nations with their three titles, two for women, one for men. Canada is not far behind, followed by Israel, which would have just needed a small bronze medal to join the country with the maple leaf. Suffice it to say, contract fulfilled for Israel!

It must be said that the country now has great experience on the international scene. Whether in terms of organisation or in terms of results, Israel is a country that counts and that proves it regularly.

We also enjoyed a magnificent atmosphere throughout the three days of competition. The home crowd played a starring role in Israel's victories but they also demonstrated heart-warming fair play.

The 2023 Tel Aviv Grand Slam is therefore an excellent vintage, on which the curtain fell tonight. The third event of this World Judo Tour season, will very soon make way for Grand Slam Tashkent 2023, another major event on the calendar. For the medallists, it is therefore time to celebrate, before getting back to work to prepare for the next events.

Tonight, we are happy simply because the show was beautiful and exciting. Thank you all, congratulations to the medallists and all the participants and finally thank you to the organisers and all the judo fans.

Relive the action on and mark your calendars, to be there from 3rd to 5th March in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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