WJD 2022 - Inclusion
World Judo Day in France

Due to the school holidays, the Judo Culture and Black Belts Committee of the Gironde Committee proposed ...

WJD 2022

Message From Mr Marius Vizer, International Judo Federation President, on the occasion of the 2022 World ...

Happy World Judo Day 2022!

Inclusion, Uniting the Judo Family!

IJF and AJU Presidents Meet the Pope

The cozy and peaceful atmosphere of the Vatican, in the heart of Rome, was the scene of a conference ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion, Logos, Diplomas, Posters

Organised since 2011, World Judo Day is a moment for gathering around the values conveyed by judo.

Judo on Everest: Sabrina did it!

Those three little words, "She did it!" are enough to sum up the feat that Sabrina Filzmoser and her ...

WJD 2021
Happy World Solidarity Judo Day

The great annual educational gathering of the judo family, based on judo values, is now.

Judo for Peace Safeguarding Workshop in Malawi

While hundreds of athletes, including the IJF Refugee Team, were competing at the World Judo Championships ...

Scientific Research
Investigation of the effects of judo on health, social skills and academic performance

For many years the International Judo Federation has been promoting the values of judo.

Judo for the World
Judo connects Buseira with the World

Imagine an isolated hamlet several hours from the capital of Jordan, Amman.

Judo for All in Zambia (Part 1)
Because being different is our future

Beautiful speeches are good, actual actions are better.

Education and Development
2018 Beyond Sport, Humanity

While the sports season was in full swing, the International Judo Federation continued to promote the ...