Due to the school holidays, the Judo Culture and Black Belts Committee of the Gironde Committee proposed two activities for World Judo Day 2022.

The first was held on Saturday 22nd October 2022 and was open to judo clubs of the region. It mainly focused on the integration of women. The session was combined with a solidarity action called Pink October, for the fight against and prevention of breast cancer.

On the tatami of Lormont a taïso practice led by former world champion Cathy Arnaud (Essen 1987 and Belgrade 1989), followed by a debate on the difficulties encountered by women in their sporting activities was held.

Important testimonies were brought by female leaders, referees and sports commissioners from several disciplines, offering a vision of the path travelled by women through the last 40 years, to be recognised at the same level as men.

This first event ended with a cocktail offered by the committee, a moment of extended conviviality with great champions such as Jocelyne Triadou (8th Dan), Cathy Arnaud (8th Dan) and Marie-France Colignon (6th Dan), accompanied by elected officials. A diploma was given to all participants and a rose offered to each woman.

The second event was held on Wednesday 26th October 2022. During the course organised by the Gironde Committee, young trainees were supervised by a renowned female athlete, Eva Bisseni, former international judo athlete and world and European champion in jujitsu combat and ne-waza. All the young attendees participated in a mondo session on the WJD theme and considered the importance of respect vis-à-vis partners, regardless of their gender.

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