Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
A Born Teacher (7)

As judoka, we see Jigoro Kano above all as the founder of our sport and that's normal, as he dedicated ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
The Influences (6)

In order to understand a little more about what prompted Jigoro Kano to found the Kodokan and create ...

Jigoro Kano, Who Was He Really?
The Synthesis (5)

We now know where Jigoro Kano was from, what his roots were and in what social environment he grew up. ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
Perfecting the Practice (4)

Jigoro Kano was a bright young man, with excellent school and university results.

Jigoro Kano: Who was he really?
When Kano Discovers Martial Arts (3)

We learned in the previous two episodes, where Jigoro Kano was from and what his family roots were, roots ...

Jigoro Kano: Who was he really?
A Boiling Cradle (2)

In the first article dedicated to Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, we looked at his early childhood, ...

Jigoro Kano: Who was he really?
A Young Man (1)

What has not been said about the founder of judo, Jigoro Kano? What has not been explained about his ...

Uemura Sensei: Principles First

It could be said that the remit of the Kodokan President is to safeguard the essence of Jigoro Kano’s ...

Tokyo 2020
Kodokan: An Institution, A Legendary Place and a Training Venue

While the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will take place in the legendary Nippon Budokan stadium, built for ...

History - Culture
Judo: What Is It All About?

As the Tokyo Olympics are fast approaching, let's look back to a lecture given by Kano Jigoro Shihan ...

Judo culture
How to Write Judo (1)

Japanese is a complex language, especially when it comes to translating it or at least when it comes ...

What really happened on 28th October?

While we have just celebrated the 10th edition of World Judo Day, from which we are still collecting ...