Only one week has passed since we launched our GREAT 8 values illustration contest, and it has been met with huge success! With nearly 400 submissions from over 40 countries, the contest continues to prove the importance of Judo values in the lives of children all over the world. Read what some of these young artists have to say about their motivations to draw!
“I draw this picture because I think respect in Judo it's important. And maybe through sport, we can bring Peace to this world.” - Eyal Noy, age 12, Israel
“I drew this because I wanted to show respect in judo and how can you be respectful or kind to not even judoka but to others.This is a reason why judo teaches us to show respect.” - Ivana Buntic, age 13, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“I drew this to show how much I love judo. We can still have fun and learn from judo, even if we are not together on the mat. Friendship is key to build character in Judo.” - RoseAnna Masutsubo, age 11, United States of America
“Let's all be human. In this artwork we can see that we "little people" can help the elderly as well. Our little help can be very important to someone. If they helped us when we were even smaller than we are now, that's why we need to help them now. That's why first of all let's be human and help the elderly.“ - Robert Udovičić, age 10, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“I drew this because I wanted to show what JUDO means to me and because it depicts my actions inside the tatami and even more outside of it. Also I draw that because I really feel my coaches and the other athletes I train with are like a second family.” - Dimitra Panousi, age 13, Greece

IJF Great 8 Jury Member and Olympian Varlam Liparteliani shared his thoughts on the importance of judo values in life - “First of all, it is very important to respect the rules and your competitor on tatami. And it is very important to love what you are doing, which brings all the values to life.”

REMINDER! You have until May 21st to submit your illustrations!

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