Every year on 28th October, for Jigoro Kano's birthday, Judo Club Pujanke in Split celebrates World Judo Day. With this year's theme, inclusion, the judo association wanted to prove that judo has the ability to unite us because together we really are stronger!

"Judo is more than just a sport and by focusing on the inclusion and unification of our sport family, we want to show that there is a path to a fairer, more equal society in which differences are strengths, not weaknesses," said the organisers.

"The topic of inclusion has several dimensions and fighting for a more equal society, we want to give everyone the opportunity to practise judo. Through judo, we do not accept racial, gender or ethnic discrimination, providing opportunities for everyone, from people with disabilities and special needs to various socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Everyone can support us in our goal of creating a better society, knowing that judo is more than sport.” This was explained to all participants.

To be concrete and practical, this year's celebration gathered boys and girls from the 'Maestral Home' for neglected children, based in Split and Kaštela, to participate in the Judo Club Pujanke session. The joint training was held with the support of two-time world champion Barbara Matić. During the session the group, comprising first to fifth grade children, mastered the basics of judo breakfalls and throwing techniques, through play.

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