Following recent discussions with all the Athletes’ Commissions network, information on Corona Virus situation were provided to the athletes' community.

Dr Richard Budgett, IOC Medical Director and Olympic Champion, gave an update on this topic: "The coronavirus’s symptoms are similar to the flu, with the vast majority of cases being very mild. It seriously affects elderly people or the ones with pre-existing illnesses and overall it has a 2% death rate.

It is not a pandemic at this stage and we recommend to check reliable sources to get the latest news and recommendations, such as the WHO website.

Make sure you take some simple recommendations, especially if you meet someone sick for more than one hour: wash your hands (also using alcohol when possible), keep distance from anyone who presents any symptoms, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

Should you not feel very well, reduce your training and stay at home until you fully recover and seek medical help if needed.

Regarding implications on sport events, the IOC is working closely with the International Sports Federations and the Organising Committee Tokyo 2020 to track each qualifier event in which participation of athletes may be affected.

This is to facilitate coordination between the respective International Federations (IFs), National Federations, and National Olympic Committees and ensure any specific requirements for the participation of these athletes are clear and being followed while reflecting guidelines from the national health authorities of the countries hosting the events.

The situation varies between sports and events, and where there are impacts on the participation of athletes, the IOC will work with the relevant IF to make sure those affected have a fair opportunity to qualify.

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