You follow them each time they participate in a competition. You quake for them. You worry when you feel they’re not in great shape and you rejoice when they step on the podia of the World Judo Tour. You admire them and dream of being able to reproduce in training and competition the movements that they have taken years to acquire.

They are champions, great champions. Heroes in your country, role models for society. But do you really know them? Have you wondered what motivates them, where they come from and how they live?

The International Judo Federation is launching a new series of documentary films: 'I am Judo.’ The aim is to answer these questions. Behind the armour of the judoka there are men and women who often decided in childhood to live a different life, a life devoted to training and to the search for performance.

They train for hours and hours. They suffer and make choices that not everyone can make. They are, nonetheless, human beings with big hearts, brothers and sisters, friends. Some have children. Yet even if they spend an immeasurable time on the tatami and in the gym, they have a life next to judo.

Marie-Eve Gahié and her mum

In this first episode of a series that has only just begun, discover the 2019 World Champion, Marie-Eve Gahié. Born on 27th November 1996 in Paris, this French judoka evolved into the -70kg weight category. She opened the doors of her house and her family to us. You will discover what place judo occupies in her life and especially you will learn about what she likes.

In the coming months, each week, we will offer you a new episode featuring a champion from one of the countries in which the World Judo Tour is stopping off, while the judo family is on its way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.


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