On 19th April join the global anti-doping community again in building the world’s biggest team playing for clean sport: #OnePlayTrueTeam

Be part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) digital campain showing the world the judo family’s dedication to clean sport. Create your own pledge to play true by using the resources on the WADA Play True Day website: click here

By using #OnePlayTrueTeam or #PlayTrueDay, your branded videos, pictures and all social media content will appear on WADA’s dedicated social media wall: click here

Tamas Vass of the IJF Presidential Office and Andrea Ember, IJF Anti-Doping Co-ordinator, at the WADA Symposium.

Add #IJFCleanJudo to follow how your fellow judoka, club or sport team are celebrating the day. Get ready for 19th April; get ready to be part of the global Play True Team.

Clean judo, clean sport, always play true.

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