In April 2018, the International Judo Federation and the Iranian Judo Federation, with the support of Olympic Solidarity, organized a major Judo educational Journey across the country. On this occasion, Gevrise Emane (FRA), triple World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist, and Miklos Ungvari (HUN), triple world medalist and Olympic silver medalist, met the judoka of a country that has been developing for many years a true tradition of judo.

In this film, you will discover the different stages of this extraordinary tour which stopped in 10 Iranian cities. You will learn more more about the promotion of women's judo. You will also discover the local champions, and especially the thousands of fans of our sport.

If this episode of the 'Judo for the World' series displays the practice of judo in Iran, it also presents a country and a largely unknown culture.

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