Judogi control is an important part of the competition process, an integral part that guarantees fairness among all participants. The process is simple and accepted by all competitors. Before stepping on the tatami, whether to play a first round or a final of a world championships, your judogi must pass the filter of judogi control.

Judo is a sport of values. It is also one of the only activities where your own outfit is not made for you but for your opponent, who by gripping it can try to throw you and vice versa. It is therefore essential that the judogi respects the standards and rules that allow everyone to express themselves without the length of a sleeve or the thickness of the fabric interfering with the result.

Discover in the videos below, what exactly judogi control is. Hajime!

Read the rules in the IJF Sport and Organisation Rules (from page 82).

   IJF Sport and Organisation Rules (SOR) - 24.04.2023 - ENG Download
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