The IBSA Judo Grand Prix Portugal 2023 came to an end with the last categories in action at the Complexo Municipal dos Desportos da Cidade de Almada. Today the women's J1 -57kg | J1 -70kg | J1 +70kg | J2 -70kg | J2 +70kg and men's J1 -90kg | J1 +90kg | J2 -90kg | J2 -90kg categories offered an amazing display of judo throughout the day from the preliminary rounds to the final block.

Dr Lisa Allan, IJF Events Director said, "We've had several co-operations with IBSA until now and I am very pleased with what I saw in Portugal. IBSA has been following the IJF rules for a while already and they are more and more doing so. I think it's a really good thing. For us, as the IJF, it is nice to do what we are usually doing but with a different client group. Working with IBSA is a real treat; I like it very much. In the end, this is good for judo and that is the most important thing.”

For Janos Tardos, the Chairman of IBSA Judo, "I am simply happy about these two competition days. It's only the start of the season and there is a lot of work ahead of us. I can say that this first event of the season is a success, thanks to the dedication of everyone. I have a really positive feeling.

Today we had a meeting with all the coaches. It was very interesting. They were all satisfied with the organisation. I told them that we will keep working to improve what we deliver to their delegation. The work with the IJF is necessary for that purpose. For the moment, even if we are in the Paralympic qualification period already, the points are not counted fully. It will be the case, starting one year prior to the Games. In the meantime, we have some time to think about what we want to adapt. We are actually already thinking ahead, towards the Los Angeles Paralympic Games. It is all about preparation.

Like any other organisation the world economy crisis is striking, but we are moving positively towards the future. Already in Alexandria, in Egypt in March, for our next event we have more than 210 athletes registered. We are also thinking about offering training camp opportunities to the delegations. I believe this will help our athletes and so that is what we are working on. We want to offer the para-judo competitor a high level of services. They deserve it like any other judoka on the planet.

Thank you Portugal for the amazing job that has been done and thank you to the IJF for the continuous support."

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Women's J1 -57kg
Men's J1 -90kg
Women's J1 -70kg
Men's J1 +90kg
Women's J1 +70kg
Men's J2 -90kg
Women's J2 -70kg
Men's J2 +90kg
Women's J2 +70kg
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