The International Judo Federation is doing its best to make judo continue. With the successful organisation of the 2021 Doha Masters, the judo family believe that together we can make a miracle happen: organising events during a pandemic. The next event is the Tel Aviv Grand Slam, but the IJF is also working on preparations for the Tashkent Grand Slam, which is planned for 5th-7th March 2021.
Mr. Oybek KASIMOV (UZB NOC General Secretary), Mr. Aziz KAMILOV (JFUz President), Dr. Lisa ALLAN (IJF Competition manager), Mr. Abdullo MURADOV (IJF Sport comission)

The Sport Commission of the IJF has paid an official visit to Tashkent this week to inspect venues and hotels. They have also met with Uzbekistan officials in order to ensure a smooth competition goes ahead in Tashkent.

The Competition Manager, Dr. Lisa Allan, met with the Uzbekistan NOC General Secretary Mr. Oybek Kasimov and Uzbekistan Judo Federation President Mr. Aziz Kamilov. They discussed all the measures that must be taken for the organisation of a safe and successful event during this pandemic.

Mr Kasimov said, “First of all, thank you for trusting the organisation of the Tashkent Grand Slam to us during this difficult pandemic situation. The government is supporting our initiatives. I am sure we will host this event, together with the IJF, continuing the high standards already set. We will do our best to ensure the safety of all athletes, organisers and delegations.”

Mr. Oybek KASIMOV (UZB NOC General Secretary)

While we are working on the continuation of the World Judo Tour 2021, we invite you to watch the Tel Aviv Grand Slam this week at

Photos by NOC Uzbekistan

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