The IJF is proud to announce a new partnership with the Harvest Group. As the 2023 season closes and the 2024 season is being planned and prepared for, the judo family is growing in perfect alignment with the judo values, ready for judoka to embrace the Olympic year.

The Harvest Group, founded by lifelong judoka Almaz Alsenov, is an international trade and distribution company for agriculture commodities, supplying goods to more than 36 countries across the world. The award-winning organisation has been built on a foundation of customer satisfaction, trust, integrity and operations with excellence; all transferable directly into the IJF’s vision of judo at the highest level.

Almaz Alsenov said of the partnership agreement, “Our success is built on people. We hold relationships with customers dear and always keep control of the quality of our work and products, putting customer satisfaction first. Keeping the product quality high and working on relationships as we do is a perfect parallel to judo.

We grew the company from scratch, from the very beginning and now move millions of tonnes across the world. When I realised how big we had become, I was shocked and it made me recognise how everything lies in the details. This attention to detail and focus on people is just part of what we will bring to the international judo community. We have quality control, just like judo. We keep our standards high, just like judo. We implement modern tech’ solutions at the highest level and this is now also an important part of the development of judo processes.

All in all, we believe in investing in both people and products, and we know this partnership will benefit the IJF and the Harvest Group and of course all the people linked between the organisations."

"I have been a judoka all my life, from stepping on the tatami for the first time at 11 years old in my home town Qaraganda, to competing internationally and now in advisory roles at the continental level. Having this wonderful opportunity to link my passion for judo with my successful business is fulfilling and feels like a perfect match.”

We look forward to working with the Harvest Group in the coming years and thank Almaz Alsenov and his fantastic team for this world class collaboration.

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