Today the International Judo Federation renewed its partnership agreement with the Chinese company Taishan Sports Group. This partnership will run for another four years, until 2020. Taishan Sports Group has been one of the main partners of the IJF already for a long period.

The Taishan Sports Group sustains the development and the promotion of judo by offering high quality level sports equipment that are necessary to the judo activity.

The Impulse Gym Club, which is part of the Taishan Sports Group, is specialised in the production of power-training technology. They have now over 10 million members in China and the very next objective is to implement their technology in over 1,000 gyms in the country. Thus in conjunction with Impulse Gym Club, a new type of gym infrastructure will be launched, which will be directly connected with judo training facilities.

The renewed partnership particularly includes a cooperation on judo equipment research as Taishan Sports Group is becoming the research centre for the International Judo Federation regarding tatami, judogi and power-training technology.

Mr. Marius Vizer, the IJF President, declared after the signing: “I wish to thank Mr. Bian Zhiliang, Chairman of Taishan Sport Group, for the long-time cooperation, partnership and trust in Judo and in the International Judo Federation.“

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