The IJF has compiled a definitive list of some of the leading YouTube channels devoted to judo.

Vince Skillcorn - UK

Former GB international Skillcorn, now a highly-rated coach at Camberley Judo Club in Surrey, England, demonstrates techniques, offers breakdowns and analysis of elite judoka and has earned over 679,063 views on his channel.

Sasaki Shinjiro - Japan/USA

Former Kodokan Cup winner Sasaki, who is now based in Florida, has had a host of hit videos on his social media channels. Most of his best demonstrations can be found on other YouTube channels by searching his name but his channel offers a good introduction to his enormous skillset.

Higashi Shintaro - Japan/USA

Japanese-American Higashi is a 6th degree black belt and has fought for the USA in the -100kg category. The Kokushi Budo Institute head instructor has one of the most active and popular channels in the sport with 34,600 subscribers and over 3,000,000 video views.

Matt D'Aquino - Australia

Australian Olympian has an exhaustive collection of playlists specifically for judoka of different abilities and everyone can learn something from his well-known channel. D'Aquino has also authored books and released DVD’s and is a sought instructor around the world.

DojoOutfitters (Andy Hung) - USA

The fast-rising American brand has proved a hit on YouTube with their insightful technique videos and they have recently moved into the podcast game. The brainchild of former San Jose State University Judo Team captain Andy Hung, DojoOutfitters is building momentum and you should jump on now!

Komuro Koji - Japan

Multiple-time IJF Veteran World Championships winner Komuro, who has released his own DVD series, is one of the most talked about judo personalities when it comes to skills and teaching. His channel, which was founded in 2007, features his own competition highlights and demonstrations and boasts over 17,000 subscribers and 4.9 million views.

FightingFilms - UK

Britain’s Fighting Films, the standard bearer of judo productions, has over 500 videos on their must-see channel and almost 9,000,000 views. There’s stars aplenty, inspiring highlight reels and features which all make essential viewing for judoka of all levels.

Neil Adams Effective Fighting - UK

IJF Hall of Famer Neil Adams shows his tricks and methods that helped him become a world champion and double Olympic medallist. The 9th Dan offers key information regarding the latest rules and has a number of interviews and features alongside examples of his favourite techniques such as his legendary tai-otoshi.

Wang Ki Chun - South Korea

Double world champion and Olympic silver medallist Ki Chun teaches what he describes as his ‘real judo’ on his personal channel. The famed tai-otoshi and seoi-nage master has a fun approach to his teaching and has over 1,700,000 views since opening his account in 2017.

Red Dragon Diaries - USA

Judoka, traveller and blogger Tom Gates showcases his many trips to Japan and visits to the Kodokan along with his move to Korea where he regularly practiced judo in local clubs and Universities. The lifestyle channel has a heavy judo influence and has received over 21,000,000 views.

Judo Fanatics - USA

Olympic and world medallists share their favourite techniques and methods for Judo Fanatics under the watchful supervision of American great Travis Stevens. The new is quickly gaining an audience with stars such as Yardern Gerbi and Ilias Iliadis already among a host of champions who have showcased their world-renowned skills.


Your one-stop-shop for all you judo needs and desires! The IJF channel offers athlete features, event highlights, interviews, promos, the Judo For The World series and much, much more. The constantly updated channel has over 245,000 subscribers and has received a gigantic 54,000,000 views.

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