Dawn Netherwood, 7th Dan, British International and world silver medalist has launched an initiative with the main purpose to show respect for the medical staff who are dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. “l have a lot of family who are nurses and they are on the front line with the virus.

My intention was to join the world of judo with the world of medicine and say thank you for all their wonderful work. It is amazing and as with judo there is a clear moral code at work, guiding their decisions and their perseverance.”

Dawn began by posting a photo of her judogi and asking other judokas to do the same, with their names clear on belts and back patches. “With these photos we can show our togetherness and our collective support. To my great surprise l have recieved  many, many photos from all around the world. Within a few hours they where arriving by social media and by email, hundreds, from people saying thank you for the opportunity to show their gratitude."

"I am proud that the judo world is coming came together as one in respect for medical personnel in all countries. The collected photos look like bricks in a wall of respect and l am very happy that this wall becomes another structure standing up to the virus.”

Dawn is planning, in the future, to auction a large copy of the ‘Wall of Respect’ in order to raise funds to kickstart a judo project in a developing country, to provide mats and judo suits which will offer a community the chance to experience the sport that has always given her so much.

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