There is no need to present Teddy Riner (FRA), ten-time world champion, two-time Olympic champion. He is the most successful sportsman still active and has become over the years, a real icon of the sport that goes well beyond the borders of his native country and of his sport. Reigning world champion, he answered to our express interview as the next big events are on the horizon and Olympic qualifying is about to begin (at the Hohhot Grand Prix, China).

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IJF: You have won everything, what still motivates you today to continue? Teddy Riner: The love of my sport! And I'm still young and still have a lot of fun on the tatami - as long as I have things to learn to be better in my sport, as long as I want to go get medals, I'll continue!

IJF: You are very active on social media, what role do they play in the life of a high-level athlete? Teddy Riner: It is important to be able to communicate with your fans as closely as possible, to share privileged moments so that they are always with you a little, so that they feel closer to you.

IJF: Who are your toughest opponents and how do you prepare to defeat them? Teddy Riner: With the international level today - everyone can beat everyone - the level has really improved a lot and I have to adapt constantly - This is the key and that is valid whatever the sport! In any case I have never underestimated an opponent, it is the base.

IJF: Will you be in Baku this year for the world championships? Teddy Riner: Unfortunately no, these are hard choices to make - but I have to do them to best manage my career and I need to rest a bit on some years to continue until 2024 .. why not?!

IJF: What is your favorite value in judo and why? Teddy Riner: The respect and the courage - without respect we can not fight - it also allows me outside the tatami to grow as a man, to grow well. So yes respect is a value that guides me.

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