We are inviting you to the 4th session of the ITA antidoping webinars. This weeks topics are Medications, Supplements, TUEs & the Prohibited List on 16 June at 14-15:00 CET

The fourth edition of the webinar series will focus on medications, supplements, Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), and the Prohibited List. Well-known experts will provide practical information on what to do if you need medication, who and when can apply for a TUE, how is it done, when can you take the medicine you applied for, etc. The talks will also explain the dangers of taking un-analysed dietary supplements, what to look for on the product labels to avoid consuming prohibited substances.

Registration link for the webinar can be found at https://www.bigmarker.com/international-testing-agency/Medications-Supplements-TUEs

For all the necessary information, please, consult the IJF website at https://www.ijf.org/news/show/anti-doping-education-webinars Previous editions of the webinar series can be downloaded from: (1st edition) https://ita.sport/2020/05/06/webinar-the-anti-doping-landscape-and-athlete-perspective/ (2nd edition) https://ita.sport/2020/05/13/ita-webinar-the-doping-control-process/ (3rd edition) https://ita.sport/2020/05/27/ita-webinar-values-rights-and-responsibilities/

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