The final day of the programme in Olbia, Italy, was dedicated to KOSHIKI NO KATA, the kata of ancient things.

Japanese athletes and tutors (Murata Naoki, Mukai Mikihiro, Kato Hiroto, Kariya Chikara, Otsuji Hirofumi) with the contribution of Mr Piero Comino - member of the IJF Kata Commission led the final technical activities.

Everything has developed under the watchful eyes of the two characters today representing the world of the judo: Uemura Haruki, Kodokan Judo Institute President, "the home where the ancient art is practiced", and Mr. Franco Cappelletti, IJF Kata Commission Chairman.

In the morning, a live interview took place on Rai 3 regional with IJF President IJF Mr. Marius Vizer, who praised Sardinia's hospitality and the mastery of the judoka.

The regional press "La Nuova Sardegna" dedicated an entire page at the conclusion of the "Judo Olbia" event that attracted more than 2000 people

The success of the IJF Kata World Championships and Kata Grand Slam has not gone unnoticed and surpassed all expectations.

The Organizing Committee, chaired by Gavino Piredda, and supported by President Fijlkam, Dr Domenico. Falcone and Secretary General Ing. Massimiliano Benucci, can only be proud and satisfied about the good work that was done.

Today Sardinia and Malta represent the development of traditional judo and the "5 kata Kodokan".

Sardinia, a continent aside, will to return to the footsteps of the spirit of the judo founder Jigoro Kano and the concept of mutual prosperity, "jita-kyoei".

The 2018 Kata World Championships will be held in Cancun, Mexico, a country of millenarian traditions.

The Olbia experience will serve to give new a perspective to the "new" Judo.

Tokyo 2020 will see the mixed competition add another novelty to involve the judo world, and regarding a potential inclusion one day for kata, 'nothing is impossible'.

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