Joël Blanc is an artist, a painter and visual artist and this weekend we found him on the edge of the tatami, next to the photographers who capture the present moment to archive it in the memory. Joël Blanc does the same but in watercolour and the least we can say is that it's a real challenge.

"I want to give sport a different and new image at the same time. For this I use a very traditional technique. It is the context that is exceptional. My approach is based on colours, the colours of sport and on movement, which is the very essence of sport. I am interested in all sports: rugby, tennis, cycling. I first came to judo in 2004.

I had discussed a lot with David Douillet who had given me some precious indications because at first I didn't know how to broach the subject. He told me, 'It's simple, draw a ball.’ I am a specialist of the human body and my challenge is to capture the moment and stop time.

In judo, the first colours that strike me are blue and white, the colours of the judogi but there is also a strong connection to the skin because judo is one of the only sports where the athletes are barefoot and in direct contact with the ground. This is something interesting and very specific.

Another aspect that I appreciate a lot in judo is this notion of imbalance, knowing that all this takes place in the blink of an eye, which is to say, no time at all. It's not simple but it's beautiful and exciting.

I've been doing watercolours for 20 or 30 years but to grasp the idea of judo, I have to do my paintings in a minute. I see something and immediately I have to put it down on paper.

Here in Paris, I love the atmosphere. I suffered a lot from the absence of an audience during the pandemic, so finding a stadium like Bercy with such an atmosphere is incredible and very inspiring."

Joël Blanc's interview lasted barely longer than necessary to paint one of his pieces of art. We left him to dive back into his colour capture work. Judo is a martial art and therefore it is an art and it feels good to see it take on so many colours under the brushes of Joël Blanc.

More about Joël Blanc's work: CLICK HERE

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