Zoltan Pentek is a big fan of judo, competing until recently and also coaching for many years, he is now a key member of the Erasmus SchoolJudo.EU team in Hungary and has just launched the Hungarian arm of the programme in his existing school classes.

Zoltán’s first lesson working within the remit of the Entertrainer, rather than that of the more traditional children’s judo coach, has taken place recently and Zoltan is reflecting on the experience. Teaching a values-based programme instead of a technique-based programme is a big shift in mindset for both the teacher and the students.

How is the scheduling of judo classes going so far in the pilot?

I have already held my first lessons. I teach English in my school too so I can schedule judo classes in some of my empty lessons. I can handle the juggling of the timetable situation and co-operate with the PE teachers very well.

How was the Lesson 0, the first SchoolJudo.EU class?

It was fine because the children already knew me as their English teacher. I am known for my sports activities in the local area, so the children were happy when I told them about the programme.

How was your first experience of preparing of the new style of lesson plan?

For me it is not a new kind of task because I am an English teacher and I have to write similar documents all the time. 

What is the first feedback like from the class teachers so far?

They told me about the children's wholehearted enthusiasm. At the next PE lessons, they wanted to play the same games as there were in our judo lessons. 

How have the thumb and shoulder tap methods of evaluation been received? 

These methods work well because they are simple, fast and effective ways to give immediate feedback. Anyway children like different things from their usual systems. They find fun in new things.

How is your experience so far with connecting the values to the exercises?

It is not a problem for me. It is easy to find the values in all exercises and also the reverse is true, it’s easy to find exercises and sport-specific games to match the values.

How was the first feedback from the children in the group?

They were nice, open-minded and active. They liked the games and the way I taught them and spoke with them, So it is definitely all positive at this early stage.

So this is definitive; in Hungary the programme is off to a flying start, with the help of Zoltan as not only a coach but also an experienced school teacher. Zoltán’s dual role adds to his Entertrainer profile and illustrates how other life experience is valued within the network of SchoolJudo.EU personnel.

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