Sustainability, Sport and Society

At the conference on sustainable development of sports, on 16th March in Zagreb, high-ranking guests ...

Croatia is Visible, by Choice

Croatia now has a world champion. Croatia has a World Judo Tour event, a strong one! Croatia has a small ...

Croatian Solidarity

2021 was a successful year for Croatian judo with the world title of Barbara Matic in Budapest in June ...

Sanda Corak Wins the ‘Olympic Laurels’ Award of the European Olympic Committee

The European Olympic Committee presented the Olympic Laurel Award to Sanda Corak, President of the Croatian ...

Zagreb Grand Prix - Day 3
Thank You Zagreb

The first major event on the calendar after the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Zagreb Grand ...

Barbara Matic: A New Feeling

Throughout the weekend, a particular spectator walked the aisles of the Arena Zagreb.

It's Our Responsibility to Preserve our Environment

Talking about the state of our planet and the preservation of the environment may seem irrelevant while ...

President Vizer Meets With the Croatian Prime Minister

On Friday 24th September 2021, before attending the opening ceremony of the 2021 Zagreb Grand Prix, Croatia, ...

Zagreb Grand Prix - Day 1
The Zagreb GP Makes Way for the Young Generation

It can now be said that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are part of the history of world judo; a magnificent ...

The Zagreb Grand Prix is Ready

Everything is ready to make the Zagreb Grand Prix a success.

The World Judo Tour is Back

The Tokyo Olympic Games are over. They are part of history, a great history, but now all eyes are already ...

Zagreb Grand Prix Will Be Environmentally Friendly

The Zagreb Grand Prix 2021, in Croatia, is fast approaching.