Judo in Schools
Judo in Schools and IJF Academy join Forces

IJF Judo in Schools and the IJF Academy are working side by side with the same propose: To educate the ...

Judo in Schools
Namibia: A Case-study for a Better World

On the occasion of the World Judo Day, we invite you to travel to Namibia, where the IJF Judo in Schools ...

Judo in Schools
Judo Steps into Schools in Nicaragua

The IJF, FEJUNIC, Mined and IND sign an agreement that will allow the practice of this sport in the primary ...

Judo in Schools
A Fresh Wind in Uzbekistan

A fresh wind coming from the steppes of Central Asia is blowing over Uzbekistan.

Judo for Children
Jordan steps into IJF Judo in Schools

Jordan is the latest add to the expanding selection of school programmes worldwide.

IJF signs Judo for Schools contract with Tajikistan

As the Budapest Grand Prix continued to unfold at the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena on Saturday, ...

Sierra Leone Judo Association celebrates International Day of the African Child

The Sierra Leone Judo Association marked the International Day of the African Child celebrations by staging ...

Two important agreements signed between IJF and Vietnam

The International Judo Federation welcomed leaders from the Judo Federation of Vietnam and the Vietnam ...

Judo in Schools
First Steps in Algeria

Esther Stam and Leandra Freitas, from the IJF Judo for Children commission, just came back from Algeria, ...

Judo in Schools
Through Children, Judo Gains Popularity in Turkey

Only a few years ago, most people in Turkey saw judo as a violent and dangerous sport.

Judo in Schools
Judo invests schools in Turkey

As the Antalya GP is ​​about to begin, and just minutes before the official draw of the competition, ...

Judo for Children
From Dream to Reality in Equatorial Guinea

The Equatorial Guinea Judo Federation (FEGUIJUDO), in Africa, has recently joined the family of national ...