Own a World Champion’s judogi!
Noel van T End auctions history-making judogi for charity

The Netherlands’ first world judo champion in 10 years, Noël van 't End, has cut short his celebrations ...

Judo mourns the passing of Kim Akker and Tony Macconnell

The judo world mourning the loss of former Dutch champion Kim Akker and legendary British judoka Tony ...

#JudoMarrakech2019 Preview
5 Olympic medallists who need to impress in Morocco

#JudoMarrakech2019 Preview

Ruben Houkes: The Passion to Transmit

Ruben Houkes (born 8 June 1979) is a Dutch judoka who won the -60kg world title at the 2007 World Judo ...

Hohhot Grand Prix 2018 - Day Two
Double gold for Japan while South Korea and the Netherlands also triumph

Day two results from #JudoHohhot2018

The Hague Grand Prix 2017, Netherlands – DAY THREE


The Hague Grand Prix 2017, Netherlands – DAY ONE

Kosovo lead while German twin sisters both medal after going head-to-head

The Hague Grand Prix 2017, Netherlands – PREVIEW

The IJF World Judo Tour returns to the Netherlands, one of judo’s most respected and significant countries, ...

What’s left in 2017?

Following a blockbuster 2017 Suzuki World Judo Championships, the undoubted highlight of the IJF calendar ...

20 key storylines for #JudoWorlds2017 with 20 days to go

20 for 20 – The IJF presents 20 key storylines for #JudoWorlds2017 as Tuesday 8 August marks 20 days ...

7 returns to look out for at #JudoRussia2017

The Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2017, the third Grand Slam of the season following Paris and Baku, is the ...

$50,000 award for end-of-year world leaders

The International Judo Federation has awarded all 14 judoka who ended 2016 as the world number ones with ...