The Judo Community Expresses Sympathy for the People of Morocco for Lives Lost in the Recent Earthquake

We pen these words with heavy hearts and a deep sense of empathy, as we express our heartfelt condolences ...

Twelve Countries Aim High at the IJF Refereeing Seminar in Casablanca

The refereeing seminars of the World Judo Tour are now well established, so much so that it has become ...

Africa Celebrates 60 Years of Judo

There are dates that mark people's minds and also leave their mark on the history of an organisation. ...

Dushanbe GP
Long Live The Underdogs

Let’s talk about two underdogs arriving at the Kasri Tennis Arena with a lot more in their arsenal ...

Building Relations With the World

Today, on 10th June 2022, the International Judo Federation (IJF) welcomed into their Presidential Office ...

There Was Magic In Morocco

On 11th November a 'Judo for Peace' delegation left Israel for Morocco.

I am Judo - Issam Bassou

COMING SOON. For the last episode that was filmed before the lock-down of the world, #IamJudo focussed ...

I am Judo - Soumiya Iraoui

The new episode of I am Judo will be released soon. Discover who is Soumiya Iraoui of Morocco.

Rabat Grand Prix 2020 CANCELLED

The International Judo Federation regrets to inform you that due to the Corona virus outbreak and the ...

JWC Technical Analysis DAY 5
When the Present rhymes with Future

At the end of the fifth and last day of competition at the Junior World Championships in Marrakech, Morocco, ...

Junior World Championships
Team spirit

After four days of individual competition that saw the crowning of fourteen new junior world champions, ...

JWC Technical Analysis DAY 4

At the end of the fourth day of competition at the Junior World Championships in Marrakech, Morocco, ...