Kata Worlds 2023
Beyond the Kata

Attending the Kata World Championships Abu Dhabi 2023 means having the chance to see the best specialists ...

The Olympic Champion Series
The Olympic Champions (7): Haruki Uemura (JPN)

Interviewing an Olympic champion is something special and always delivers some thought-provoking words ...

The Kodokan Delivers in Slovenia

While #JudoAstana gets underway in Kazakhstan, the Porec Judo Festival continues in Croatia and the African ...

WJC - DOHA 2023
Olympic Champions Together in Doha

Becoming Olympic champion is not something every judoka will experience. It is extremely special.

WJC - Doha 2023
Why Do Judoka Bow?

We cannot repeat it enough, judo is more than a sport.

In Corona-Time, Keep Practising Kata

The Kata Commission of the International Judo Federation has launched a major initiative to encourage ...

Opening Ceremony officially opens 2019 Worlds in Tokyo

After a number of exciting pre-championship activities, such as the IJF Congress, the Gala to celebrate ...

Kodokan Exhibition

Kodokan was present at the Paris Grand Slam to display judo as a part of Japanese culture.

NF News
France and Japan link up for "Japonismes 2018 JITA-KYOEI PROJECT"

France and Japan, two of the leading nations in judo, linked up in December to host the first instalment ...

Inside Judo’s Toughest Course – Kangeiko at the Kodokan

Kano Jigoro shihan had a vision for judo, for the martial art that he created in 1882 as a 22-year-old ...