He is still busy, he is training at home. But he has time for us, time to make a fast interview. Just a few questions.
Varlam Liparteliani

How are you? How is your family?

We are fine. Everything is ok so far. We are at home, self-isolating of course.

Where are you now?


What do you do to be in good shape, despite confinement?

I ride the bicycle and also have some equipment at home. The thing is that I had surgery in Germany in February, on my birthday. It came out of nowhere, I had an infection in my arm. So after that for 6 weeks I was on antibiotics and was not allowed to train at all. So basically I am just getting back, step by step.

Which judo values are helping you these days?

Respect is for me very important. With the isolation I think we must respect the recommendations of health organisations, even if it is long and not easy for everyone. Of course love is what makes us stronger.

What do you miss ?

The thing I miss most is the tatami and I think the first thing I will do after this is over will be training on the mat.

What was your first thought when you heard about Tokyo 2020 being postponed?

It was very hard to realise what was happening. I was confused, had different feelings. Also because of my surgery I might not have been in perfect shape but still it was unbelievable. The Olympic Games is something that is not easy to treat like other things.

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