This is a true story, or maybe not. What do you think?

Her name is Milly, a fourteen year old living in a French town of just over twelve hundred people. Excellent student, first in her class for years; intelligent, excellent reader. Milly is also an athlete!

She has enjoyed a bit of everything, from athletics, swimming, climbing, to other disciplines imposed at school, such as basketball and volleyball. She has her preferences and of course these have changed over the years, but she has maintained her love of boxing for the past five years.

Every Wednesday, rain or shine, Milly prepares her bag and goes to train. There, in addition to moving, attacking and defending, Milly has learned a code; rules of coexistence and respect. Young boxers, boys and girls between the ages of ten and seventeen, greet before and after combat, apply themselves thoroughly, behave seriously while having fun and improving their qualities.

Milly likes Mohammed Ali, knows who he was because she has been informed and has seen the films and reports on the boxing legend. Of course she also has a poster of the phenom in her room.

There are others, reflecting Milly's personality. There are animals, landscapes, photos of space and some other things. Milly is not interested, at the moment, in practising judo, because she loves boxing and does not plan to quit or change her discipline, but next to the Mohammed Ali poster, there is another one in her private collection. It is a photo of a certain Teddy Riner, celebrating the achievement of his tenth World title. "Because he's my favorite athlete," says Milly. Not much to add.

There they are, the two of them, sharing a wall in a teenager's room: the best boxer of all time with the best judoka of his time.

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