In light of the continuous new developments in the COVID-19 crisis and the deterioration of the situation in many countries, traveling has become more and more risky, and so have become any public gatherings.

We are in the unfortunate position where we must take a drastic decision in order to protect the judo family and also to comply with the general safety measures all around the world.

The IJF Executive Committee has taken the emergency decision to cancel with immediate effect all Olympic qualification Events on the IJF Calendar until April 30, 2020. This includes the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam in Russia and the Grand Prix in Tbilisi (GEO) and Antalya (TUR) and the continental events.

Unfortunately the situation is now dangerous and critical from many points of view. It is of paramount importance to keep the judo family safe in these difficult times, and also to ensure fair chances for all athletes engaged in the Olympic qualification.

More information will be released in the upcoming days.

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