Anthony Carelli is a Canadian sports analyst and retired professional wrestler, former martial artist and occasional actor. He is perhaps best known for his 11-year tenure with WWE where he wrestled under the ring name Santino Marella. During the Montréal Grand Prix, he joined judo-great IJF Hall of Famer Neil Adams as co-commentator of the judo livestreaming.
Sports analyst Anthony Carelli

IJF Media asked him about his thoughts regarding this inaugural event on Canadian soil.

“There are a lot of factors that are coming into play here,” explains Carelli. “The city is incredible. It’s multi-cultural and judo is a multi-cultural sport also. The proximity. The United States are close by. So, the city is perfect. Then you have the people who are here in attendance. It’s a very knowledgeable judo crowd. And they are responding and cheering in unison which is really making this event something special. Even when a Canadian athlete loses, the initial disappointment is there, but they nevertheless show respect.

Montréal: a great host city for the World Judo Tour

Furthermore, you have some of the top players in the world here. And of course, the IJF is completely professional. The venue is spectacular. It’s also used for short track speed skating and the people from short track came in here and saw what Judo Canada and IJF did with the venue, they have never seen it so beautiful.

The organization, the audience, the city, the competition, also with Teddy Riner, all these factors boiled together … it’s a perfect event,” opinions the sport analyst.

“I’ve been enjoying myself. I’m a genuine fan of judo. Being able to call the action and watch the sport I love, I’m in heaven and also I went to university here in Montréal too, so I really love the city.”

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