IJF President Marius Vizer held his latest Twitter Q&A session on Wednesday. Find below the full transcript:

@Vahid_Judo: Hello Mr.president, Why the rules that were designed to be run until 2020Tokyo olympic has decided to not run any more?(like the rule that only Ippon specifid winner not only two Wazaris, because of this so good rule judokas were forced to attack more to win!). thanks @MariusVizer: We reverted to two waza-ari being ippon to make the judo evaluation more understandable for the general public & from the scoring point of view, to make judo more attractive for fans & media and more simple and efficient

@syn3rgyz: I like the revert to two waza-ari being ippon but why was the standard for waza-ari lowered to include yuko like scores? @MariusVizer: It is not lowered, the value of waza-ari, because the difference between a good yuko and a weak waza-ari is insignificant and we cannot measure by microscope the millimetres of contact of the body during contact with the mat because of the difference between every allocation.

@KotaroSasaki1: How are you planning to get Judo industry bigger? @MariusVizer: We are continuously working together with the judo sport suppliers & we are supporting & encouraging always the sport industry around the judo. This is the reason as well that we have a huge number of suppliers which are involved in relation to judo equipment & logistics.

@syn3rgyz: do you have any plans to help judo grow by putting more resources into recreational judo especially for adults? or is the IJF just going to keep pouring resources into kids that usually stop judo after a certain age?@MariusVizer: Our motto is judo for all. We create chances for people of all ages to practice our sport. Judo for Peace, Judo for the world, VI Judo and veterans judo are examples. We cater for all ages, abilities and demographics all over the world #AskVizer

@PuroWorld: How can judo's mixed team competition become more competitive? Japan bt Brazil 6-0 in the final last year and there were few surprises #AskVizer @MariusVizer: The mixed team event is in its infancy & I think some countries need more time to prepare better teams. I hope in the next edition & thereafter you will see a different value of contests #AskVizer

@PuroWorld: Will the Paris 2024 judo event be held in the Bercy? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: I am in Paris next week to discuss with the local organisers and to finalise the judo venue for the @Paris2024 Olympics #AskVizer

@MongolJudo: What is the value of Judo around the world? @MariusVizer: Judo is the most educational sport, due to the complexity of its values & principles, & has very important tools for the youth to contribute to a better society

@MongolJudo: #AskVizer DPRKorea & South Korean team are will be together unified in the mixed team event for the Baku WC and Jakarta Asian Game ? @MariusVizer: We are still waiting for the confirmation from the North Korean Judo Federation to implement this strategy at #JudoWorlds2018 this year #AskVizer

@lavidajudoka: Much has changed in North Korea over the past year and I believe Judo has an opportunity to demonstrate positive change. Will we see a unified Korea compete at this year's World Championships? @MariusVizer: This is the goal we are working on. There is a lot of work being done to make this a reality in Baku this year. We are hopeful #AskVizer

@Duncan_ITG: How excited are you about judo coming home at Tokyo in 2020? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: It's a great honour & pleasure for us to be again in Tokyo for an Olympics & with the debut of the mixed team event which we hope will be an exciting and beneficial sport for judo & for the Olympic movement as well #AskVizer

@NickJMButler: #AskVizer What are your views on the demands by a German athletes group that the IOC should give 25% of income directly to athletes? Including a lump sum for all Olympic participants? Do top judo athletes get rewarded enough? @MariusVizer: In the judo sport, the athletes are awarded in every competition, as well the best judoka in each category receive a special financial award at the end of the year but the Olympics is a different movement #AskVizer

@daniel_etchells: Do you still feel that #Tokyo2020 are discouraging the #IJF from using the 2019 World Championships in #Tokyo as the #Olympic test event? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: I raised the question this year in Bangok in the @ASOIFSummerIFs General Assembly & I hope all involved parties can work together to find a solution for our mutual benefits #AskVizer

@NickJMButler: #AskVizer Will the @IntJudoFed join the International Testing Agency? @MariusVizer: We are exploring this and it's a complex issue. We would need to open a medical clinic and this is too much. The requirements are so high & the testing authorities are not considering the cost involved for the sports.

@NickJMButler: Thanks! What exactly do you mean by a medical clinic? And why exactly would there be extra costs involved for the sports? (sorry for extra questions!) How would the prosecution of cases be different from how it currently is in IJF doping cases? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: Because we need to have minimum the same quantity of testing out of competition & also we have to pay the services to the new testing authority & as well to employ specialists to follow all logistical regulations. When you read the package of documents it doesn't look easy. The infrastructure and testing efforts as well. There are different conditions in a lot of countries & most importantly all approaches looks like the world of sport is guilty of foul play & not the home of fairness & educational platforms for the youth #AskVizer When we continue in this direction we will need persecutors and it is not a good precedent #AskVizer

@CrazyJudoCanuck: #AskVizer any thoughts of a magazine show (à la football) to analyse each event in the future? @MariusVizer: The difference between our sport and exclusive team sports is obvious and it's very difficult to analyse hundreds of fights compared to several games #AskVizer

@EHula_ATR: #AskVizer With the Olympics returning to the home of judo in 2020, will IJF hold any commemorations, special eventss? Are you satisfied with the plans for judo in Tokyo? @MariusVizer: We plan to organise some special events to remember about the first Olympics for judo in Tokyo & we are considering a big celebration to mark the homecoming of judo with respect to the legacy from 1964. In the 2020 Olympics we will remember the judo pioneers from 1964 & in this way we will pay homage to this great generation who launched judo's Olympic journey. From our view the preparation is going well & I hope the OC will do their best to deliver a great Games for judo.

@danpsport: An athlete could in theory lose several or all of their bouts in the mixed team competition and still win an Olympic medal. Are there rules to stop this? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: Yes this is a possibility, Dan. It is something we are thinking about in our team format and could revaluate in the future #AskVizer

@Markduk_FFC: When will the IJF return to Brazil for an event? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: During the Baku World Championships 2018, I have a meeting with @noticiascbj to discuss the potential organisation of a World Championships for club teams #AskVizer

@Markduk_FFC: What do you think of jiu jitsu being included in the Asian Games? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: I prefer to make comments about the judo sport and while I respect all sports it is my duty to be in charge only for our sport #AskVizer

@MartinComellas: What do you think about spanish competitors in those last few years? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: In Spain there has been a generational change and there are new judoka on the way which I hope in the next 2 years will achieve significant results #AskVizer

@Kathe_campos: President, Gender equality is one of the main agenda of the IOC for 2020. In judo, we still see a lot more men than women coaching clubs and national teams, for example. How could the IJF help change this scenario and give more opportunities for women? #AskVizer @MariusVizer: In the strategy of the IJF we are promoting and supporting gender equality but of course I think the criteria which should prevail always is the professionalism not the gender #AskVizer

@NikaGurini: Can u tell us, about very difficult situation in Geo Judo federation? We saw 1 month protest, street rallies, street strikes - use of weapons, resignation. what happening? Does the IJF work on this topic? #AskVizer @IntJudoFed @MariusVizer: It is a strange behaviour which the IJF finds difficult to understand regarding the stories in Georgia. We are investigating the situation of Georgian Judo & we will have soon a conclusion. I always agree to make changes but by democratic & legal way not by force. The Ministry of Sport in Georgia has to reestablish the previous administration of Georgian Judo and after with the statutes of the NF, the members have the right to initiate any statutory & legal procedures when they want to change the administration. #AskVizer

@BentzWatchJudo: What are the chances that we see a grand prix in Israel in 2019? @MariusVizer: The procedure is under negotiation and we are very close to deciding soon for a 4-year Grand Prix in Israel #AskVizer

@BentzWatchJudo: Are we finally going to be able to see the Israeli Judoka with their country flags in Abu Dhabi and Tunis? @MariusVizer: We are doing our best and our wish is to offer all nations the same rights according to their participation in judo events. From historical, political issues between different nations in the world which basically have to be solved by politicians & international organisations. As judo we are working seriously on this matter #AskVizer

@ttorchinava: It is possible that IJF can do competitions (grand prix, slam) in Poland?? @MariusVizer: We are totally open and supportive of all NF's, it's a question for the Polish Judo Federation and authorities to support a serious bid #AskVizer

@ttorchinava: What do you think about 15 years old judoka ho start judo in this age? Can they be a great judoka maybe like Ono Harrison Gviniashvili? @MariusVizer: 15 years old is a perfect age to start judo. For sure you can be a champion when starting at any time in your teens #AskVizer

@CrazyJudoCanuck: Hearing news of a Canadian GP? Is this true for next year? @MariusVizer: Yes we are about to sign the protocol with @JudoCanada #AskVizer

@Matt_R_Nelsen: What do you see as Judo’s place the world? Is it positive or negative? How has the federation helped? @MariusVizer: Judo's place is as a martial art, an educational tool and an Olympic sport. We have lots of programmes running and invest millions of dollars every year, for example, with Judo for Children, Judo for Peace and Judo for the World #AskVizer

@Judo020501: Qualification To Young joj Buenos aire is Very hard only top five wrl, can you change To top 10, thanks

@MariusVizer: Unfortunately at the moment we cannot change the rules but we can reevaluate the system for the future #AskVizer @judofandotcom: #AskVizer Mr. Vizer, thank you for doing this Q&A. In your personal view, how do you feel about the current set of rules? Any new rules you’d like to see enforced? How about rescinded? Thank you for your time! @MariusVizer: We are moving in a positive direction with the current rules. This is a general consensus. What is your opinion? #AskVizer

@BentzWatchJudo: Could we be seeing a world championship in Isareal any time soon? @MariusVizer: One step at a time :)

@San1969123: Good evening President Vizer. My question and hope are how to build together a programme of judo for peace inside my federation. And how have you experienced that programme in other federation?@MariusVizer: Please contact our Judo for Peace Commission – [email protected]

@anaysicub: Hello My President Thank you for a year more in the International Academy I would like to ask if it was possible to have the accreditation for me is my family the world championship in Baku. @MariusVizer: Yes, we can arrange accreditation.

@MariusVizer: I would like to thank you all for your questions today and appreciate your interest and passion for our sport and the work of the IJF.

@MariusVizer: I would also like to extend my deepest condolences to the victims of the terrible floods in Japan and everyone who has been impacted there. You are in our thoughts.

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