When Olympic champion Tina Trstenjak entered the tatami for the golden bout in the -63kg category, the crowd went cheering ‘Tina, Tina, Tina’. More so when she beat opponent Nabekura from Japan to grab the gold.
Women's -63kg final: Trstenjak (SLO) vs. Nabekura (JPN)

“Yeah, really nice,” Tina said. “A lot of Slovenians crossed the border to come and cheer for me. Also, a lot of Croatian kids came to cheer for me as I often work out with them on the tatami. I think the Croatians like me,” she smiles.

The golden name patch on her back, pointing out to all opponents she’s a current Olympic champion might intimidate, but it is never a guarantee on the mat. “It’s always very hard. I encounter strong opponents and to be frankly, they can always beat me. So, yes, I am happy I manage to get into the final and winning in the end. I felt good the whole day. I think I showed good judo today. I like competing here, I love the atmosphere here in Zagreb, feels almost at home.”

The Women's -6kg medal podium

With the IJF Worlds next, this was an important tournament for Tina. “It was the perfect rehearsal. What’s next are the last preparations for the World Championship. I want to show good judo in Tokyo. I’m really looking forward to go to Japan,” ends Tina.

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