After Day 3 of competitions at the Grand Prix in Zagreb, IJF Media asked Jan Snijders, IJF Head Referee Director and former European champion to present us with his technical analysis of the last day of competitions.
Women's -78kg final: Umeki (JPN) vs. Posvite (FRA)

“I experienced these past three days as a very good tournament. I witnessed very attractive judo, many offensive actions. That is something that makes us happy. This development is good for our sport. Many scores, especially today. Very nice indeed.

Moreover, I notice a positive evolution in the last couple of Grand Prix events where the heavier categories are also more on the offensive side. We do indeed see more scores than in the past. The judokas try to hold each other to throw. Of course, you always have exceptions.

It is also nice to see that an organizing country has judokas in the final block.

Women's +78kg medal Podium

With some categories I notice less Golden Scores, with others some more. I don't think Golden Score is a problem, as long as you score in this overtime, because that's what it's all about. Then it remains attractive and naturally beautiful to see. If the Golden Score has a negative outcome, then that is no good.

At this Grand Prix, I saw judokas making their debut on the World Tour. So close to the World Championship not all top players are present. It is the coaches who decide whether or not their judokas will participate so near to the Worlds. The one does not want it, the other does. I don't notice much difference. The level here in Zagreb was very high.

Men's -100kg final: Elnahas (CAN) vs. Iddir (FRA)

The refereeing currently is very good. There are always small things that can be improved, that is absolutely true. However, the most important thing is that all referees have the same level. You should never be satisfied, because then it will only get less, but I find it very positive indeed.”

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