If you are present at the IJF Paris Grand Slam, currently held in the AccorHotel Arena at Bercy, or if you are watching any other exciting competition livestream via the computer, tablet of smartphone from your comfy seat at home or even on the bus or metro train, you must have noticed the judokas pre-fight ritual. Nothing wrong with getting yourself super prepped before the fight … and to be honest, it’s a genuine part of every bout and fans are secretly expecting it. It’s the athlete’s way of communicating to his/her fans: ‘I’m ready’ … Let’s bring it on!

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We tried to discern the different categories … We found ten. Here is the result.

1. The Low Jumpers: when entering the tatami, they jump a bit up and down a couple of times;

2. The High Jumpers: when entering the tatami, they jump up and down pulling their knees up really high;

3. The Feet Sweepers: when entering the tatami, they sweep their feet left to right and back, repeatedly;

4. The Twisters: when entering the tatami, they shake their hips, short of ‘twist & shake’;

5. The Face Slappers: when entering the tatami, they slap their face a couple of times;

6. The Thigh Slappers: similar as the Face Slappers, but then the thighs;

7. The Body Slappers: idem ditto as previous two categories, but then the body;

8. The Exhalers: when entering the tatami, they fiercely exhale air through their mouth making a blowing noise;

9. The Yellers: when entering the tatami, they let out a terrifying yell;

10. The Mixers: when entering the tatami, they do a mix of some or all of the above.

What does your favorite judoka do when he/she enters the tatami?

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