At the beginning of March 2024, during the Upper Austria Grand Prix, we announced the launch of the IJF Store. At that time, Mariusz Winnicki, one of the Directors of the IJF store, together with Sylvester Gawel, said "In the future, there will be three channels to buy goods."

Thus the second is now open with being up and running since the first day of the Abu Dhabi World Championships 2024.

Sylvester Gawel said, "Already on day one we had more than 10,000 unique visits on the platform. This is great and we are happy about it. The feedback is really positive. It encourages us to develop further."

It must be said that the interest is global. Judo fans from all over the world connect to the store to discover all the items that are available. "We are now working on the next step. Since the IJF is an international organisation, orders and requests are coming from all over the world and we want to minimise the shipping costs. So we will create tailor-made solutions to have the best solutions to propose to our customers."

With the online store, the IJF Store enters a new era. New items are available including the world championships dedicated products which can also be purchased on the spot at the Mubadala Arena. The booth actually attracts a lot of attention with 17 items being sold.

"We see people’s growing interest," said Mariusz Winnicki, before adding, "We fill the gap that was missing between the events and the fans. It is now possible to go back home with nice souvenirs. Honestly that gives us a lot of energy. We also want to underline the excellent co-operation we've had with the UAE Judo Federation. They are very professional and it is a pleasure to work with them."

In the future, there will be more and more possibilities to visit the IJF Store, whether on the spot or from any computer, and to bring or receive at home a huge variety of judo items. So visit the

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