We are what we say and we do what we promise. We are strong because we remain united in adversity, aware of the problem and determined not to give up what belongs to us, in our own right. Work is our dignity and results are our pride. We are men and women at the service of a sport and an ideal. We are Judo.

Starting with those who make a living from this: they have had to postpone the supreme dream of participating in the Olympic Games, which they have been preparing for, for four years. During this seemingly endless period of confinement, everyone is responding, they’re present in the moment and it is only fair to thank them for their time and dedication. Every time the International Judo Federation is requesting their services to record a video, do an interview and, in short, promote the virtues of our sport, they are always there, ready to help. Thanks to Clarisse, Fabio, Daria, Shohei, Ilias, Teddy, Sabrina and everyone else, all of them.

Following the millions of fans and practitioners who, from their homes, look at us, read us, apply our advice and enjoy (despite the circumstances) organised activities. Without them there would be no judo. Without them it would not be possible to keep alive an activity that is as much passion as it is sport.

Ending with the members of the IJF; We cannot meet, because we respect the rules. Therefore we see each other virtually, every week, to exchange ideas, debate, decide and launch new projects, so that there is judo. It is also fair and necessary to pay tribute to those people who also suffer the consequences of the pandemic and do not give up on building a better world.

Thank you to President Marius Vizer for supervising and encouraging our work, for maintaining our jobs, despite the economic crisis that is hitting everyone hard. Thank you all and above all, thanks to judo because, in order to do all this, principles are required, a scale of values that we will forever uphold.

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