Technical Analysis Day 3 by Udo Quellmalz

Udo Quellmalz delivers his technical analysis of Day 3 of the Montreal Grand Prix.

IJF Competition Manager Lisa Allan: “Great Event, Great People!”

While the inaugural edition of the Montréal Grand Prix comes to an end, it can be considered a success. ...

Autographs and Judo Try-out in Fan Zone

The action at the Montréal Grand Prix is not limited to the magnificent throws and sweeps on the tatami ...

Canadian Sports Analyst Anthony Carelli enchanted with Montréal GP

Anthony Carelli is a Canadian sports analyst and retired professional wrestler, former martial artist ...

Respectful Canadian Fans blessing for Great Atmosphere

Although ice hockey is undoubtedly sport number one in Montréal and Canada, the Canadians judo fans ...

#JudoMontreal - DAY 2 - Japan Strikes Again, Canada Shines on Home Soil

For the second day of Judo at the inaugural Montreal Grand Prix, Japan striked twice again, when Korea ...

Mixed Zone Chat with European Champion Matthias Casse

Hardly two weeks ago Belgian Matthias Casse (-81kg) won gold at the 2nd European Games in Minsk and became ...

Mixed Zone Chat with Antoine Valois-Fortier

Another fruitful day for Team Canada at this inaugural Grand Prix on Canadian soil.

Technical Analysis Day 2 with Sara Alvarez

Sara Alvarez delivered her technical analysis of Day 2 of the Montreal Grand Prix.

Raymond Damblant: “Judo in Canada has evolved”

Raymond Damblant has been a key person in the growth of judo in Québec.

Montréal GP officially kicks-off with Opening Ceremony

Today, Saturday 6 July, the Montréal Grand Prix officially kicked-off with the Opening Ceremony.

CEO Judo Canada Nicolas Gill: “Canadian success in front of a home crowd will create memories for a lifetime”

IJF Media had a chat with Nicolas Gill, CEO Judo Canada and key person in the organization of this inaugural ...