Four Months In...
Stronger Together: Connecting Differently

I have been recording my training stats, along with writing about and photographing the stages of our ...

Dear Judoka...

Dear Judoka,

When children smile

Being a judo teacher in Marbella may seem eccentric.

New episode
Coffee with Celine - Takato Naohisa

This Monday, Japanese team jokester Takato Naohisa sits down for coffee with Celine!

Back to Judo

Back to our ‘normal’ lives. Slovenian Judo Club Bezigrad restarted their training sessions this Tuesday. ...

New episode
Coffee with Celine - Natalia Kuziutina

Check out the story of how Natalia Kuzyutina trained with President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin ...

A note on mental health
Checking in with ourselves

Having been in quarantine for a few months now, let us take a moment and check in with ourselves.

Positive Messages To All
To Be Able to Find Something...

To be able to find something deep within you, to continue, to keep going, when the goal is unclear, when ...

New episode
Coffee with Celine - Varlam Liparteliani

Don't know what to do while still in a confinement? WATCH the next episode of the Coffee with Celine ...

New episode
Coffee with Celine - Abe Uta

Happy Monday! Let's have some コーヒー with Abe Uta!

New episode
Coffee with Celine

Amandine Buchard talks about Abe Uta, how she got into judo and much more in tonight's episode of the ...

Judo tale
True or false (2)

This is a real story, or maybe not. What do you think?