Everest Judo Club Continues to Inspire and Be Inspired

In May 2022 world medallist Sabrina Filzmoser (AUT) scaled Everest in a stunning feat of endurance.

Forever Everest
Forever Everest Meets its Public

On 25th May 2022, Sabrina Filzmoser, four-time Olympian and world and continental medallist in judo, ...

Everest Judo Club Prepares to Welcome Olympians

1992 Olympic champion Miriam Blasco (ESP) and silver medallist Nik Fairbrother (GBR) are getting ready ...

The Forever Everest Film is Out: Judo Values on Top of the World

Exactly one year ago, Sabrina Filzmoser embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, that of climbing Everest ...

Julien Goes Around the World (9)

The idea of my journey was to travel without taking any flights but due to geo-political circumstances, ...

Coach Stories
Nepal, Blog 8: Coach Kazi Sherpa

Kazi Sherpa is from Jorsale in the Himalayas and is a volunteer judo coach at Everest Judo Club, there ...

Special Interview
Nepal, Blog 7: Everyone’s Grandfather

Kanchha Sherpa is 90 years old and lives in the mountain village in which he was born, Namche Bazar, ...

Nepal, Blog 4: the Climate Ambassador

Sabrina Filzmoser is being written about a lot at the moment and with her achievements and passions as ...

Judo Values
Nepal, Blog 3: Friendship and Gratitude

Local people go about their daily lives with the passing of tourists almost unnoticed.

Athlete Stories
Nepal, Blog 2: Nutrition For Everest and For Judo

In judo and in mountaineering the goal is always to stay healthy and be properly fuelled for the tasks ...

Nepal, Blog 1

I wasn’t planning to write anything so soon but as soon as I took the first step off the plane I felt ...

Forever Everest
It Is All About Building Bridges

Laxmi Magar is not a judoka. She was actually the Nepalese best player of 2020, recognised by the Ministry ...