We were looking for a really authoritative opinion, the voice of an expert, a real one; someone with scientific knowledge and, if possible, with sports experience. The good thing about judo is that there are people for everything, with professions and studies of all kinds. This time we find the perfect candidate in Paula Pareto.
Paula Pareto

The Argentinian is the current Olympic champion in the -48kg category and that seems like satisfactory sports knowledge. As for the scientific side, she is a doctor. Pareto works in a hospital and combines her work with the passion of her life, judo.

So, with the return of the World Judo Tour we wanted to know if we are doing things well.

"Zero risk does not exist," Pareto explains. “It is the first thing you learn in medicine. To avoid contagions, measures must be taken and I am in favour of strict ones. It is always better to go too far than to fall short."

The International Judo Federation has established a demanding protocol to protect the health of everyone: athletes, staff and guests.

Paula Pareto and Distria Krasniqi

"I can´t complain," Pareto says. “We all wanted to return to competition and sanitary measures are the toll we have to pay. It seems to me that things are going well and we all respect the conditions imposed because it is what meets the needs of the situation. I say it as a doctor, not as a judoka.”

While the subject is open we can take the opportunity to ask the sports professional too, “It was very nice to see my colleagues again, especially those who had been sick. This is a very hard sport and we are living the toughest period of time; it has a great cost. For this reason, competing is our reward and, in the end, the security protocol is indispensable because it allows us to do our work."

Pareto won the silver medal at this grand slam. In the final she was defeated by Kosovo’s Distria Krasniqi. “I leave with a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Nobody likes to lose, but then again, it was about picking up the pace. If I had to summarise, I would say mission accomplished."

A mission accomplished twice! The sports view meets expectations, with excellent contests. When it comes to security measures, the doctor has given us a good grade too.

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