For many weeks you participated in the JudoFit Kids Golden League. This was an amazing online competition and we are really happy to say that we received more than 5,400 contributions from 51 countries. This is really impressive!

Our league has now come to an end and we know now who the winners are.

Paisley Savage - Great Britain Marc Khayat -France Menna Elkholy - USA Susana Martins - Portugal Liam R. - Slovenia Quintin-Reid Andrew-Fuller - Great Britain Marussia - Russia Ben Kafri - Israel Rodolfo Arce - Argentina Mostafa Tamer - Egypt Sam Large - Canada Nik Lozar - Slovenia Gazal .I - Palestine Aleks - Slovenia Tim Zore - Slovenia Hugo Goasdoué-Wallace - Canada Maryam - Palestine

For that, you needed to participate in all the challenges to win all the golden cards of our champions. Most of the challenges were physical exercices, but we also had an original 'Climate Change' challenge, with our two IJF Climate Ambassadors, Sabrina Filzmoser (AUT) and Flavio Canto (BRA).

The least we can say is that you were all very good and showed that judo is more than a sport. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your commitment.

Today, 16th January 2021 we were live on the IJF Facebook page ( to discover the winners.

All the winner will be contacted by the JudoFit Kids team in the upcoming days.

Comments from Parents:

"Thank you for this amazing journey. It was the best thing that was happening for Tim in these dificult times of lockdown). Thank you. Best wishes" - Rok Zore.

"Thank you for organizing JudoFIt Kids Golden League. My son really enjoyed taking challenges and I think that it is very important to do sports especially in these difficult times. Any support we parents get from our trainers and clubs is welcome. Winning the prize at the draw just made his day." - Tatjana Cvrtila Lozar - Slovenia

"Greetings. Im father of two kids from Poland who have been in final draw. Unfortunately they have not win but it was great fun for them and they wait for the next golden league edition. Once again thanks for the great programme for kids." - Lukasz Lisiecki - Poland

"We didn’t win, but next time. In any case the children are very happy, thank you for this exelent iniciative." - Beltran - Spain

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants.

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