Some will say that we push propaganda. Others will ensure that interest moves us. At first glance, perhaps only a few understand us. We say thank you and we say it from the bottom of our heart.

Thanks for helping in times of skinny cows and thanks for not abandoning us when the cards are badly dealt, when things get ugly. Thanks for everything.

You have to have a clear vision of things, a well-established strategy and basic principles to build trust. Without presumption, without that certainty towards the other, towards a concrete project and a common ideal, it is impossible to build. And we are building a better world.

It is an immense purpose, a noble aspiration and we are fortunate to have partners, participants, and ultimately friends. They are our oxygen balloon, our investment power, our safety mattress. We know that there is no better friend than the one that is present in times of crisis, when the difficulty is extreme.

Now that everything is stopped, when nobody manages to start because of a deadly virus, the friends of judo are with us. They have responded in the present and they have not dispensed with us, because friends are like that, because nobody is abandoned in the battlefield. This is how true and forever friendships are forged.

It is what they are; friends. They are sponsors and they think about trade and profits but, in this case, they are much more than that because now, when the world suffers from basic and elemental deficiencies, when it is impossible to reconcile the absence of activity and benefits, they have not left. They are there, standing, in the front line of combat, with us, with the whole family, to see what happens, although we know that we will win. We owe it to everyone, to them too, because they help a lot and that friendship, is priceless.

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