A small, narrow street; stopping the car means causing a traffic jam. We don't know where we're going. To the right stands an old building covered in graffiti. Looking carefully, we realise that it's not graffiti but works of art. We enter a courtyard and then we understand that we have arrived at the Eden of artists.
Tamara Jishkariana

She is waiting for us on the first floor of a discreet building. This is Tamara Jishkariana: photographer, journalist and, these days, director of a photo exhibition devoted to Georgian sport. “It's my way of paying tribute to our athletes and capturing their successes,” explains Tamara. 

We understand immediately, because if we talk about Georgian sport and successes, then judo cannot be far away. In fact, judo occupies a place of honour in the gallery. Tamara has photos from Gabriela Sabau and Emanuele Di Feliciantonio, official photographers of the International Judo Federation. They are both surprised because Tamara herself made the selection of photos and they are all top notch. She says the IJF visit is an honour, however the honour is for us, to attend an exhibition of our work, for the love of art, in this case martial and non-profit. 

Gabriela Sabau

Tamara is the perfect hostess and has the most authentic smile we have ever seen. Thanks to her we know that, if everything were to fall apart, there will always be a place reserved for judo, Tamara's pantheon of photos. 

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