There was no doubt that Peter Safrany (HUN) was the heavy favourite in the competition. He had already made an impression last year in Olbia by winning gold in a very good way. Today, after a morning marked by victories, he entered the final once again. Even if he is still a little tender to perform among the seniors, where one or more years may be necessary for him to develop, he is undeniably one of the best juniors of his generation. Facing him Jakhongir Mamatrakhimov (UZB), Asian junior champion, was shaping up to be a choice opponent.
Final -90kg

Could Peter Safrany be as dominant as Ai Tsunoda Roustant was in the -70kg category? The answer is no, because he had in front of him an amazing thrower, who catapulted him in the air, with a huge koshi-waza. Was it ippon though? Oh yes, because Safrany landed largely on his back. There was no doubt about the perfect conclusion to Mamatrakhimov’s day.

Tornike Poladishvili (GEO) vs Alex Cret (ROU)
Alex Cret (ROU)

As we know, the heavier categories are often the favourite playground of Georgian athletes. Tornike Poladishvili (GEO) therefore still had a chance to play and win against Alex Cret (ROU) for a place on the podium. Alex Cret did not offer a single chance to his opponent to win though and after a first waza-ari, he concluded in ne-waza with an immobilisation for ippon.

Miljan Radulj (SRB) vs Aleksa Mitrovic (FRA)

For the second bronze medal contest, it was Miljan Radulj (SRB) and Aleksa Mitrovic (FRA) who battled it out for their moment of glory. The first score came from the French side, with a counterattack from Mitrovic for waza-ari, showing that he was getting more and more confident as the match unfolded. After this first score nothing special happened and Mitrovic could enjoy his bronze medal, the second for the French delegation on day three.

Medals, cheques and mascots were presented by Mr Armen Bagdasarov, Head Referee Director of the International Judo Federation and Mr Amadeu Moura Jr, Sport Director of the Panamerica Judo Confederation
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