On Friday May 22, 2020, the International Judo Federation launched its brand new IJF Fit Platform. In this complicated period for everyone, this is the perfect way to #StayStrong #StayActive #StayHealthy and #StaySocial

The IJF offers you an elite challenge, a test of resistance against elite athletes, your friends, and against yourself. Show to the world and show yourself what you can do! Whoever you are, age and condition don't matter. The important thing here is to participate.

The time has come to compete, your time has come. Get up and help demonstrate that judo lives and resists, stronger than ever.

The IJF President, Mr. Marius Vizer, said: “We have developed Judo Fit to motivate physical and mental health during this difficult time. This initiative aims at allowing social interaction of the Judo Family and Sporting Community while practicing social distancing and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We challenge all sporting community to take part in these fun challenges.

On fit.ijf.org you will be able to nominate and challenge your friends, the best, the professionals, even those who do not practice judo. It is an endurance test open to everyone and with no time limit. You can participate in 5 challanges and earn trophies depending on your results, or compete with the pros for the top of the ranking lists.

Be ready because from Friday 22th May on the challenges will be open. Do you dare? Do you have enough courage?

Together we are stronger, together we improve, together we build healthy bodies and minds and a more beautiful world.

#JudoFit #IJFFit #areyoujudofit #StayStrong #StayActive #StayHealthy #StaySocial

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