Judo Airlines

Theory is one thing and practice is another. Making great speeches is not the same as applying words ...

“Perhaps Nothing is so Fraught With Significance as the Human Hand”

"Perhaps nothing is so fraught with significance as the human hand." ~ Jane Addams, US sociologist

Our Dress Code: a Language We All Speak

How do we begin to approach each day when we are still reluctant to accept our circumstances?

Calling all Coaches!

Tell us about your elite coaching experiences! The IOC Olympic Study Center recently launched a study ...

Judo Values Save Lives

When a 19 year old student, Giovanni Gottardi, suffered an unexpected heart attack while riding his scooter ...

Looking for Perfection

Grand Slam Hungary was the touchstone of something new.

Road to Tokyo (2)

Today we have to talk about men and who say ‘light,’ say Japan! The first three categories are often ...

Road to Tokyo

Doha has been more than a Masters and much more than the starting gun of the judo season, because the ...

A Snapshot
The Most Accurate Souvenirs

We all agree that our beautiful game is spectacular, unique and that its flow can turn on a sixpence. ...

Thoughts From Doha
What Can We Learn From the Tiniest Judoka?

For some of the world’s elite there has been no competition for almost a year.

Happy Noses

At this point and if we start from the assumption that judo is immortal, there are three other unavoidable ...

The Most Faithful Friend

It has been a year to forget; a year that has revealed the fragility of a world that we believed to be ...