Junior World Championships Results
Four by Four in Marrakech

The first day of the Junior World Championships ended with a remarkable quartet of winning countries, ...

When Judo reaches human summits

After competing at the Tokyo Judo World Championships and before heading back to Tashkent, in pursuit ...

IJF Refugee Team writes Judo History

NEVER QUIT. These two words are printed on a T-shirt worn by one of the judokas of the IJF Refugee Team. ...

Jigsaw Puzzle

Since the Nippon Budokan is a dedicated venue for martial arts, it is conceived to have maximum two tatamis.

Sarah Asahina brings Special Fans to Budokan

She entered the field of play as the reigning World Champion of the +78kg category but could not prolong ...

Coaching without Boundaries

What are the odds a bloke from Hastings, UK makes friends with a couple of guys from Montevideo, Uruguay? ...

Beyond The Mat with the NEW world champion
Matside Interview - Noel Van T End

Newly-crowned world champion Noel Van T End spoke to the IJF Broadcast Team about life on and off the ...

Distance, an Obstacle for Athletes from Remote Locations

Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia. It features a coral reef and white-sand beaches fringed ...

Shock early exit for world champions
DAY 5 - Preliminaries Round-Up


Matthias Fischer: Lord of the Waves

They are invisible and discreet. Their mission is to offer the best show possible.

Documentary about refugee judoka in the making

Esfandiar Aban is an independent film maker from Iranian origin living and working in the USA.

Europe rules in Asia on day 1
BILODID retains while CHKHVIMIANI captures first world title

Ukrainian sensation BILODID repeats while Georgia’s European champion claims his first world title