JudoFit Kids Golden League
And the Winners Are

For many weeks you participated in the JudoFit Kids Golden League.

JudoFit Kids Golden League
Golden Score

The IJF announces Golden Score for the JudoFit Kids Golden League

JudoFit Kids Golden League
Last Round

The JudoFit Kids Golden League is soon coming to an end, just as the year does, but there are still important ...

Year Review
2020: a Mosaic of Achievement

We arrived in 2020 full of excitement, for Olympic year had reached us and we were ready to jostle for ...

JudoFit Kids Golden League
It's Thursday

And what happens on Thursdays? We release the two new challenges for the JudoFit Kids Golden League.

JudoFit Kids Turns Green

A few days ago, we announced the appointment of Sabrina Filzmoser (AUT) and Flavio Canto (BRA) as IJF ...

What Happens on Thursday?

As we have grown used to for several weeks now, Thursday has become the day of the JudoFit Kids Golden ...

JudoFit Kids Golden League
On Thursdays, We Stay Fit

It's Thursday and like every Thursday, for a few weeks, it's the day of the two new JudoFit Kids Golden ...

New challenges
JudoFit Kids golden League: Play, Win, Print, Share

Today is Thursday and what happens on Thursday? We publish the two new challenges on the JudoFit Kids ...

New challenges
JudoFit Kids Golden League: The Way is Infinite

Today is Thursday and Thursday means that it is the 'New Challenge Day.

JudoFit Kids Golden League: Are You Ready?

If you are under 14 years old and you love judo, this is for you.

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