Project Launch
‘Hello’ From SchoolJudo.EU

The IJF has been involved in education for many years.

Judo for Children
Colourful Judo on the Rio Negro River

Judo is everywhere. This is not a fairytale. This is the reality.

Interview: Syria
Pockets of Hope

The IJF has been working with refugee communities for many years, helping local people establish, run ...

Beyond Fear, Without a Parachute

Since 2015 the International Judo Federation, in partnership with the Turkish Judo Federation, has developed ...

New Challenge
Be a Climate Champion!

In these challenging times we have to come together more than ever, as a mark of solidarity, unity and ...

Judo for Children
The Ungvari Brothers Share Their Experience With UZB Judo Children

Judo is a sport with a presence in many international settings, whether sporting, social, or even political, ...

Judo for Peace
Peace Without Borders

In the now well-established Covid climate, charity work all over the world has suffered, with resources, ...

#JudoKids Techniques
It's Thursday! Learn More Today!

It's Thursday and on Thursdays we offer you more to learn.

#JudoKids Techniques
Practice, Practice, Practice

Dear children, it's Thursday and on Thursdays we like to offer new content for you to keep enjoying judo ...

#JudoKids Techniques
How to Win Stars

You love judo and so do we. This is great because with the new series of technical videos produced by ...

Judo for Children
It’s Safari Time

2020 was a special year for sure, with the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus.

2020: The Passion of Judo

The least we can say is that 2020 was a special, even strange year, in which all our benchmarks were ...