A celebration of Art and Sports - The Artists

This year, the IJF Art Exhibition in Baku displays works of familiar painters who have been permanent ...

Exhibition brings Art and Judo together

Name two activities that definitely bring people together … Right. Art and sports.

2018 World Judo Championships broadcasters announced
Where to watch the World Judo Championships 2018?

The eyes of the world will be on #JudoWorlds2018 as the IJF is pleased to announce our TV partners for ...

Vienna will host the 2021 World Championships

A few days prior to the start of the competition at the 2018 Judo World Championships in Baku, the International ...

World Championships
Baku’s Bustling Beehive

That unmistakable smell and feel of the tatami... The texture of rough cotton fibers of the judogi in ...

Baku Postcard

On the eve of the Judo World Championships, discover Alan Abrahamson's Baku postcard.

Teams G-K
Complete Guide to #JudoWorlds2018 Part 2

Part 2 of our Complete Guide to #JudoWorlds2018 covers Teams G-K and 27 countries!

#JudoWorlds2018: Get Ready for the Show

The 2018 Judo World Championships are approaching.

#JudoWorlds2018: 10 Days to Go

10 days, 10 short days before the start of the 2018 Judo World Championships taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan ...

Judo for the World
Azerbaijan, a Country of Fire... and Judo

On September 20th, the Judo World Championships will start in Azerbaijan in the heart of the capital ...

Part 1: Teams A-F
Complete Guide to #JudoWorlds2018

Part 1 of our Complete Guide to #JudoWorlds2018 covers Teams A-F and 270 judoka from 46 countries!

Abe siblings aim to conquer the world together

Discover below the latest promo for #JudoWorlds2018 featuring the Abe siblings, Abe Hifumi and Abe Uta, ...